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At Persil we’re passionate about exploratory, outdoor play, especially the kind that involves getting messy, because we know that dirt is good. 

This is why we’ve created the Persil Wild Explorers app, powered by The Wild Network. Download your free Persil Wild Explorers app below and take your first step to freeing your little explorers this summer with over 100 ideas to get outside. 

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The Wild Network

About the Wild Network

The Wild Network is on a mission to re-wild childhood. As a network of thousands of organisations, clubs, schools, and parents, The Wild Network is finding ways to get more Wild Time in our lives. It provides tools, inspiration, knowledge and support for parents, schools and communities. From supporting the development of the Persil Wild Explorers app, to bringing together like-minded people, The Wild Network is creating solutions to help all children lead playful, nature-rich, outdoor childhoods.

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From puddle jumping, to tree climbing, to mud pie making, dirt really is good.

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