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outdoor classroom day

Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day is changing the world, one school at a time. This is a day to celebrate the importance of outdoor learning and play, and inspire schools worldwide to make getting outdoors part of every child’s day.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to inspire and celebrate outdoor learning and play. On the day, thousands of schools around the world take lessons outside and prioritise playtime. As well as having fun, they will show how important and easy it is to give children more time outdoors both in school and beyond!

We believe that by joining together, we can change childhood for the better. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, NGO, business, or simply someone who cares about making a difference to children’s lives, find out more and sign up today at:

Outdoor Classroom Day began in 2012 when a handful of schools in London, England, decided to take lessons outside and benefit from outdoor play. In 2016 Dirt is Good partnered with one of the founding organisations, Project Dirt, to take the campaign global. 

The movement continues to grow and now tens of thousands of schools around the world are involved and together we're reaching millions of children, giving them the chance to get outside to play and learn in the world’s biggest classroom. 

Teachers who take part say they see immediate benefits from getting children outdoors; they behave better and are excited to learn. When children play outside, they can lose themselves in the moment and strike up new friendships, which teaches them essential life skills like problem solving and getting along with other people. 

That’s the power of the outdoors in action and it’s something we want every child to experience at school and beyond by continuing to grow the Outdoor Classroom Day movement. This campaign is about more than just one day; it is a catalyst to inspire more time outdoors every day, both at school and at home. We believe that teachers have the power to inspire other teachers, parents and the wider community to give children the time, space and permission they need to play and learn outdoors.

Our goals are simple

·         Every child should have 90 minutes outdoor playtime every day

·         Every school should be taking lessons outdoors every week – learning in the real world

·         Every family should be making time outdoors playing a part of every day

Everyone can do something to make sure children experience the benefits of being outdoors. Parents can encourage their child’s school to get involved and take steps towards more time outdoors at home. Businesses can think about how they can support local projects that support children’s play and add their social media voices to ours. Anyone who cares about childhood can help spread the word about the importance of outdoor play and learning.