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Wild Explorers App

The Wild Explorers App was developed with the Wild Network to offer practical suggestions to help parents find ways to get their children outside and exploring the world. 

wild explorers app

Life is busy, we understand that. And for parents it’s a constant balancing act of preparing children for their futures, and giving them the time to enjoy being kids. That’s why we wanted to do something to make things a bit easier, by using technology to inspire parents with some alternatives to screen time. 

The Wild Explorers App was designed in collaboration with the Wild Network, an organisation that shares our mission to restore childhood by promoting getting outdoors to play in the wild. 

The app contains over 100 fun outdoor activities to get the whole family outside. There are outdoor games and ideas to get children exploring nature, perfect for any season and suitable for all ages. You can use the app to log all your wild activities and keep note of all your outdoor adventures.  

The aim of the Wild Explorers App encourages parents to allow their children to get outdoors and experience the world, safe in the knowledge that if their kids get dirty, it’s a sign they’ve had a great time.