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Real Play Coalition

Dirt is Good has been working for many years championing and facilitating children and families enjoying real play, the kind that gets you dirty. 

As we continue on our mission to Reclaim Childhood, there is recognition that a single brand or organisation can only achieve so much. 

So we sought out likeminded organisations to form the Real Play Coalition.

The Real Play Coalition believes that all children deserve to experience healthy, well-balanced development. Children’s lives are worryingly out-of-balance owing to changes in our society, our communities and our lives. Childhood has changed significantly in a short amount of time, and the impact of these changes has been striking. The Real Play Coalition exists to protect real play, it wants to create a movement that prioritises the importance of real play, recognising and implementing it as critical for optimal child development.

The members of the Real Play Coalition will use their combined reach and expertise to support and enhance existing projects that help children develop though play.  And by loudly campaigning for greater time and space for real play.

The Coalition was officially launched by Unilever CEO Paul Polman, the LEGO Foundation CEO John Goodwin and IKEA Group President and CEO Jesper Brodin, at this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos. Among the overall ambitions of the Coalition, is a set of actions that will include a focus on increasing more play opportunities within schools and cities, as well as a multi-city examination of the socio-economic impact of play – or lack thereof.  The Coalition also invites other political, corporate and academic leaders to join them in taking action to promote and protect real play.