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Uruguay's First Sustainable School

Education is a vital part of a child’s development and that’s why we have supported Uruguay’s Primary and Pre-Primary School’s Council for the past 16 years. Our latest project was to help build Latin America's first ever sustainable school.

In 2014 we started working with TAGMA, the local NGO that had first dreamed of creating a sustainable school in Uruguay. We got involved because we share the values that inspired the project: promoting sustainability, working collaboratively and creating safe spaces for kids to play, learn and explore.

The school is the brainchild of architect Michael Reynolds, an authority on eco construction. His expertise, along with the support of 100 people from over 30 countries, helped build a school that is a shining example to other communities.  

It embodies sustainable ideals and was built using 60% waste materials, including 8,000 glass and plastic bottles, 5,000 old cans, 2,000 tyres and 2,000 m2 cardboard and is naturally heated and cooled.  

Our local brand in Uruguay, Nevex, financed 90% of the construction. We also helped the children to record videos to show how the school came to life and explain what it means to them. 

The school opened its doors in May 2016 and stands as an inspiring example of private and public organisations working alongside NGOs to build a better future for all. Now the project is being rolled out to more areas and we are already working with Michael Reynolds and TAGMA to build a second sustainable school in Argentina in 2018.