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Our Mission: Dirt is Good

Our brands are welcomed into the homes of over a billion people around the world. We have 100 years experience of tackling dirt with our best in class laundry solutions. We know that the best experiences can result in the toughest stains, but that should never hold you back. 

It’s time to recognise that if you are not getting dirty, you aren’t living life to the full – especially when you’re a child, when the chance to play, to go outdoors and get dirty, plays a crucial role in our personal development. That’s why, through Dirt is Good, we are working to promote and protect real play for every child.

So what is Dirt is Good?

Dirt is Good is our drive to create a coordinated movement for a more play-friendly world. We want to address the fact that modern life is squeezing out time and space to play.  Technology, a lack of time or safe spaces to play and poverty all mean children have less opportunity to get outdoors and lose themselves in play.  

Why is this a problem? Because real play, the kind of unstructured, creative, imaginative and immersive play that isn’t directed by adults, is vital to every child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. 

Dirt is Good is a movement that celebrates the joy of real play, going outside and getting dirty. It unites 78 countries worldwide encouraging parents, educators, health and play workers and policy makers to work together to give every child around the world the freedom to play and get dirty, every day.

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